Burglary is on the rise – it’s time to get protected

At MKC Security we understand that your house is not just an investment, but a home for your family that should feel like a safe haven of comfort and security. We develop, install and maintain high quality home security systems that fit seamlessly into your family life delivering benefits such as peace of mind, remote access control and reduced insurance premiums.

Crime is, unfortunately, everywhere and according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics it’s on the rise. Burglary alone rose 9% in 2017 with an estimated 438,971 cases in England and Wales and one reason driving this increase is the exploitation of relatively low levels of home security so why protect yourself now?

Burglar Alarms are still the number 1 way to protect your home
A recent Which? Survey concluded that burglar alarms are the number 1 way in which people protect their home but they’re not your only option. MKC offer security systems that integrate burglar alarms, CCTV and access control for effective protection against burglary and unauthorised access.

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As a family business we only recommend products that we’ve personally tried and tested for their quality. The advanced technology available today gives you the opportunity to benefit from a range of systems to deter, prevent, detect, highlight and – ultimately – prosecute unauthorised access.

Burglar Alarms:
Main function: Deter and detect – offers immediate detection of a security breach, The better systems can be connected to a wider network for immediate response and damage limitation. Examples include: Monitored, Bells Only or Dialler alarms.

Main functions: Deterrent and prosecution – while performing fantastically well as a deterrent CCTV also captures vital evidence that can lead to a successful prosecution

Access Control:
Main function: Physical prevention – prevents access to the property to unauthorised persons. Examples include electric gates, security doors, garage doors & security barriers.
Each component can be positioned to maximise visibility (increasing the deterrent) or sit almost invisible on your property (minimising the impact on the aesthetic) without losing effectiveness.
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Complete solution:
All the individual components can be combined to create a networked solution that integrates with our national call centre. This provides the highest level of security against burglary, theft, tampering and unauthorised access.  From our monitoring stations we’re able to review the health of your security and react should any problems occur offering 24/7 support and even have the facility to dial in directly to review CCTV footage and alarm status before alerting the authorities.