Pinch and park enables burglars to target one of your most valuable assets – your car.

Most modern vehicles come with the sort of hi-tech security systems that make us feel safe parking our car almost anywhere but ‘pinch and park’ is making our homes and driveways the most dangerous place to park. The car security industry has developed a huge number of safeguards to prevent vehicle theft so modern cars thieves are choosing a simpler option, break into your home and steal your keys.  Unfortunately, it’s a fact that homes without adequate protection are more vulnerable to a break in with many offering only basic security such as door and window locks.  Even basic burglar alarms offer little protection as they are often easily recognisable and easily circumvented.

But, taking your keys is only half the battle, once the thief has your keys they will typically park your vehicle in a ‘safe’ location to ensure that it is not being tracked.  The location is usually within a few miles of the victim’s home and the thief (or thieves) will typically wait a few days to ensure that it’s safe.

‘Pinch and Park’ thefts were highlighted in a Home Office report published in 2016 which said, “Anecdotal evidence from officers working on vehicle crime in the Metropolitan Police Service suggests that some offenders routinely park a vehicle in a safe location for a few days immediately after stealing it to check it is not being tracked.”

To prevent this kind of crime it’s vital that homes are secured with car keys and other valuables securely protected from theft. This includes everything from an adequate alar system to making sure your keys aren’t kept near the door where they can be reached from the letter box.

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