Top 5 free ways you can help reduce your chance of being the victim of burglary.

There are two main types of burglary: Opportunistic and Targeted.

Opportunistic criminals make use of the relatively low level of security found at most homes and, more simply, human error such as leaving your mobile phone on display in your vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s not just our cars that are targets as we’re regularly contacted by people looking for better home security after their property has been invaded by opportunists gaining access through a weak door  or using a step ladder from the shed to access a first floor window.  Windows and doors not only offer criminals access to your home if not securely fastened but also allow them to see in to your home, evaluate what’s available and come back later. Secluded gardens and quiet areas offer a burglar a quiet place to ‘work’ and out buildings like sheds can even provide the tools needed to effect unauthorised access.

Targeted crime is more dangerous but luckily, much rarer.  Targeted crime takes planning and is often perpetrated for a specific reason such as a high value reward, but other motives can apply.  Typically, most people never see this type of crime but it’s easy to understand why some criminals will go to the effort if they know your house contains TVs, video games consoles, car keys or any number of easily saleable items. There is also a growing type of burglary tat specifically targets high end vehicle called ‘pinch and park’, you can read more about that here.

5 free tips to make your home more secure

Importantly there are some things you can do to make sure your home is better protected against both opportunistic and targeted crime so we’ve compiled a list of 5 free activities you can complete right not that will make your home less attractive to burglars.

    1. Secure your entry points (windows, doors etc…)
    2. Make sure doors and windows are visible to the outside (long drive ways and secluded gardens make ideal places for criminals to ‘work’ undisturbed) and use curtains and blinds to obscure your valuables
    3. Secure equipment that could be used by a burglar (i.e. sheds, lock-ups, outbuildings)
    4. Make sure security lights are correctly positioned to focus on dark areas near doors and windows
    5. Remove hedges which could provide hiding places & add timber trellis to the top of fences (this breaks easily and makes a lot of noise if someone tries to climb over and for an extra kick you can grow thorny climbers to really make it work)

In addition to the 5 free tips above you could also think about installing a security system from MKC Security such as a burglar alarm, CCTV or access control.

When you are the victim of burglary the results can be devastating. Mark Castle, Chief Executive at independent charity Victim Support, said “Burglary not only robs victims of their physical possessions – it can rob people of their sense of security at home as well, a place where everyone should feel most safe. This crime can also leave many people feeling vulnerable, frightened and distressed.” It’s important to act now to reduce your chances of being a victim so use the good weather to get out into the garden and make some changes or contact us on 01908 769823 to talk about a state of the art intruder detection system.

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